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"If you’re here, it’s because I’ve invited you to become a member of Catalyst, the new community platform designed for storytellers who want to learn, interact, and create stories that engage and captivate audiences.

Catalyst is not only built for you, but also with you. As a new member, your membership is free for one month and you’ll be a part of turning Catalyst into the most powerful storyteller community in the world.

It would be my greatest honor if you’d join me to create a whole new way that stories are developed and enter the market. Welcome to Catalyst!"

Nat Mundel
Founder & CEO

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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a private community of storytellers, producers and executives from around the world dedicated to creating entertainment in all forms – movies, shows, books and podcasts. 

A nurturing environment in which to learn from professionals, be accountable to your goals & stretch yourself, share and discover great stories, inspire and be inspired, all while gaining the tools needed to launch your stories in the market.

Who Are Members?

Catalyst members come in all shapes & sizes, from storytellers just beginning their storytelling journey to seasoned producers and executives of hit movies & shows, to audience members and podcast listeners who are passionate about discovering and supporting great stories.

The common denominator: every Catalyst member is committed to reshaping the way Hollywood does business and sharing great stories with the world.

What Do Members Get?


Live Executive-Led Workshops:

Members have access to bi-weekly live workshops led by Catalyst Executives. For those who can’t attend live, workshops are recorded and made available in the Catalyst Training Vault. 

Just a few of the great workshops you’ll have access to:

Developing A Great Story Hook with Bonnie Solomon (Dreamworks, Walden Media)

The “Pitch Workshop” with Aaron Semmel (Morgan Creek Entertainment)

How to Leverage Audio & Podcasts with Dan Benamor (Voyage’s very own Head of Podcasts)

ScreenCraft with acclaimed film & TV writer Michael Chamoy (ALPHAS)


On-Demand Webinars & Trainings:

Members have unlimited access to our world-class education programs in the Catalyst Vault including:


Community Collaboration & Support

By leveraging the members’ portal and your Catalyst member profile, members have the option to share their stories with each other, & solicit feedback in a safe & friendly environment of like-minded people who are passionate about storytelling.


Free Access to ‘Catalyst Story Network’

Members can record & share their pitches and stories on Voyage’s new content network & invite friends & family to participate in their story’s journey to fruition. Built in ‘share’ features increase listener engagement and build fans & followers.


10% Discount on Voyage Services

Members get special & discounted access to one-on-one feedback from Voyage Executives and Community Managers. Plus, members get early-access to and discounts on all Voyage products & services.

What is the Catalyst Story Network?

Voyage’s Catalyst Story Network (CSN) is the engine for sharing stories with listeners, building friends & followers, unlocking valuable benefits, and enabling project discovery by producers & executives.

Catalyst members can create audio pitches, episodes, and even full podcast series; share them via the network with friends; and solicit feedback and support. 

Some shows/recordings may qualify to gain massive audience reach on Voyage’s own podcast network and/or be adapted into movies & shows. Plus storytellers may be invited to make appearances on Voyage’s own chat shows.

Sharing stories via CSN is 100% optional and you retain 100% ownership of your stories.

Find out if your story has the ‘right stuff’ to excel in Hollywood by ‘testing’ the market with a real audience and in a safe environment.

Catalyst Team:

Learn from & work with the best. These are some of the Producers & Executives who have joined Catalyst to provide world-class trainings & workshops:

Nat Mundel
Community Leader

Nat founded Voyage Media and Catalyst on the premise that everyone has a story, and that every story deserves a chance to be heard.

Robert Mitas
Community Leader

Robert is a film producer, screenwriter and serves as Voyage’s Head of Originals. Robert ran Furthur Films, the production company of Academy Award-winning actor/producer Michael Douglas from 2010-2017. During his tenure at Furthur, Robert was responsible for development, production, and delivery of all film and television projects.

I have to tell you how impressed I am with Catalyst. I must say that this is beyond my visions, especially in how crisp the interface is – fantastic job. It feels like you really figured out the right niche and the way to get it started. Most of all, I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS, BRAVO!

- Deamer, D, (Catalyst beta-member)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconThe price is so low, why?

    We believe great stories come from anywhere, and that everyone deserves a fair shot to be heard. We plan on Catalyst to become the revolutionary new way for stories to enter the market so we created (and are subsidizing) Catalyst to enable more people to play in our sandbox with us.

    That answers my question, sign me up!

  • q-iconWhat if I don’t want to share my story?

    You don’t have to. Catalyst members can choose to keep their profiles and projects completely private.

    That answers my question, sign me up!

  • q-iconAm I giving up any ownership of my story?

    Absolutely not. Neither joining Catalyst nor using CSN gives Voyage or anyone else ownership of your story.

    That answers my question, sign me up!

  • q-iconWhat happens after I register?

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    Log Into Catalyst

    You will receive a Welcome email from catalyst@voyagemedia.com. It will contain your username that you set during registration. Using the username as well as the password you created during registration, log into Catalyst.

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    Complete Your Profile

    Once logged in, you will visit your Catalyst Dashboard, from there you can Complete Your Profile by clicking the 'Complete Profile' button in the upper right of your screen. Here you can add a Profile Photo and a Cover Photo to your profile.

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    Explore Catalyst's Expert Offerings

    Check out the upcoming Workshops; the Training Vault with previous workshops and courses; and the Executive Discussions, where our executives engage with the community.

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    Head over to 'Members' and start connecting with other storytellers!

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Our Unconditional Guarantee:

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